The Wellness Agency Lifestyle & Healing Events team is comprised of master healers ready to put their energy and skills towards helping you reach your goals. A team of people who aspired to progress our industry and change the experience of receiving and practicing the art of energy therapy founded The Wellness Agency. They set out to raise the bar as far as the type of alternative therapy people were receiving and in turn, establish a more effective way of delivering energy balance and flow within your mind and body.

The Wellness Agency Lifestyle and Healing Events



Reamie Joy Tabin is co-founder of The Wellness Agency Lifestyle & Healing Events, and one of the most sought after transformation coach and Reiki Master, well respected by her peers and clients alike. Since launching Reamie Joy Holistic Wellness in 2015, she brings her signature Healing Room by Wellness Oasis to The Wellness Agency, creating a place for Reiki practitioners and clients to receive healing.

The Wellness Agency



Kathy Ann Grissom is co-founder of The Wellness Agency Lifestlye & Healing Events, Reiki Master and a wellness activist helping clients achieve total balance. For many years, Kathy has been an influential part of the Hampton Roads community, owning a successful recreational destination at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront providing customers with the personalized attention they need to fulfill their happiness goals.


The Wellness Agency Lifestyle & Healing Event’s mission is to redefine the outlook of wellness, modernize and progress the experience of holistic health by fostering a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and integrity.

Our purpose is to design, oversee, and facilitate healthy, inspiring workshops, journeys, and programs that empower people to effectively take charge of their overall wellbeing.