The Surprising Benefits of Living at the Beach


As you’ve probably concluded if you've been following  my Instagram  posts and stories, I'm all about beach life. The sun, the sand, the scrumptious seafood fresh from the surf . . . what’s not to love? I've lived in the beach city of Virginia Beach for the majority of my life. There's something about the balance of land and water that truly makes it feel like home. However, oceanside living does more than just put a smile on your face; it’s good for your health too. How do we love life at the beach? Let us count the ways. HEALTH BENEFITS OF LIVING BY THE SEA

Wellness. It turns out that Edgar Cayce, the "father of holistic medicine," was on to something when he built his hospital on the seaside of 67th Street in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A UK study showed that, even discounting factors like age and economic factors,  people who live by the sea are healthier than those who live away from the coast. I mean, just look at the Marines training at Croatan Beach! Sea air promotes respiratory health, while sun exposure (with a  healthy coating of SPF ) is great for getting your daily dose of Vitamin D. Swimming in saltwater also speeds healing, boosts circulation, and encourages a good night’s sleep.

Rest and relaxation. You know that feeling of sinking into warm sand and letting your troubles wash away? It’s not all in your head. Countless studies show that people are less stressed when they visit the coast. Even seeing pictures of the beach can reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness. Feeling overwhelmed? An evening stroll with your toes on the shore is just the ticket to reduce anxiety, open your mind, and encourage creative thinking.

Those soothing sea breezes. It’s not just the promise of relaxation that makes that sea breeze smell so good. The iodine, salt, and magnesium present in sea air can reduce the symptoms of asthma, promote respiratory health, improve allergies and skin problems, and stimulate the immune system. Halotherapy in the shore! Plus the sound of the waves has its therapeutic benefits of promoting relaxation as well.

The energy to get moving. Seaside living promotes an active lifestyle. Walking or running on the beach is an excellent way to enhance your agility, while exploring local trails, wandering the shops on Pacific Avenue, and hitting the surfs gives you that amazing “Wait – I worked out today?” feeling.

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