How To Choose A Healing Crystal That's Perfect For You

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Crystals have captivated the human attention for thousands of years. Atlantis and Lemuria are said to have powered machines and preserved knowledge on them. Crystals have also captivated modern-day imagination also (remember the heart of Tafiti in Moana?) Today we see crystals in many quintessential spaces - from the world of the healing arts to that of high-fashion.

So why do so many of us love crystals so much? First off, they are just, well, simply put, mesmorizing. Crystals are God's natural eye-candy. Being in the luxury industry for nearly a decade, I've always had an eye for beauty. I remember the first time I ever connected with a crystal. It's a transformative experience to touch something that we find beautiful, especially when it comes to crystals.

Feeling a crystal is a gift, partly due to its visual power. However, the energy of a crystal is a gift onto itself. This message is for you if believe crystals are pretty cool but feel like you "don't get it" totally, or if you've been feeling out of the crystal loop.

A crystal is a high vibrational consciousness frequency. When one enters a purveyor of crystals, it's a great attitude to have because choosing a crystal is like choosing a trusted friend. Finding your crystal buddy can feel almost as incomprehensible as human friendship is.

The first time I purchased my very first crystals (actually they were rose quartz and hematite bracelets) I was a bit overwhelmed, just guiding myself and my daughter through the aisle of other neat hodge podge that was in the store. As we were leaving a teenager overheard me telling my daughter how excited I was about our new crystal bracelets. That's when she approached me and said, "Oh you're into crystals? My mom is into crystals, too." Long story short, that experience eventually lead me to my friend, Shelly Norris', rock shop.

When I scheduled my private appointment at Shelly's Rock Shop and Classroom, I really had no clue what I was looking for, so I decided it would be best to have Shelly guide and educate me on what stones I would need to keep me feeling calm, grounded and confident at running my wedding dress shop and taking care of my family. Shelly showed me clear crystal quartz points for positive outlook and citrine points for attracting abundance. I thought, Wow, this is f&#*$ng amazing.

Before leaving, I also decided to pick a crystal that I was absolutely drawn to. This would be a crystal I knew nothing about, but one that I just couldn't leave without. After looking at and touching so many stones, I ended up with a smokey quartz.

It fit, like a BFF who you've known you're entire life. We just resonated. It read my mind and I didn't have to say anything, just like the way your best friend would eye you and you know exactly what she's talking about. With its ability to bring centering energies, and help overcome negative emotions, such as stress, fear, and even anger, I knew this would be my perfect mood elevator stone at my shop (because the wedding industry can and DOES deal with high emotions).

This intuitive method is my favorite way to choose a crystal. Though I've since refined the process into the following, very simple three step process. Remember, have fun!!!

1. Call upon the crystal(s) that's the best for YOU.

You can simply just put your hands together and ask for the crystal that will work for your highest good. If you feel awkward doing this in the shop, you can just set the intention in your mind, then let it go.

2. Feel (literally).

With an open heart, take your non-dominant hand and pass it over the stones. Wait for a subtle pull from one of the crystals. Often times, you may end up with multiple pieces. In this situation, move on to the next step.

3. Discover!

Hold each crystal one by one. Their individual energies will be different (one may feel profoundly warm and intense like moldavite, another more gentle like prehnite), so pick based on your FEELINGS. If it brings a deep sense of peace and happiness bring it home, if you feel the need to pull away from it or don't care for it, then you know it's not the one you need at the moment.

Another great way to choose a crystal is to look up a crystal for what you want to heal physically or emotionally. A great place to start with is seeking crystals for a particular issue that needs some extra Tender Love & Care. You can also download your free copy of my ebook by clicking on 7 Essential Crystals: An Easy Beginner's Guide for High Vibes Babes Crystal + Energy Lovers.

When you go into the crystal shop, you can also ask to see some stones for a particular body part (like the heart, base of spine, lower belly, waist, throat, forhead/third eye, top of head) - these can also be referenced as chakras, so you have some direction. Almost all crystal or metaphysical shops you go to will know what the chakras are and can help you.

The crystal meant for you may not always be the most prettiest one in the shop, or even the most beautiful of the bunch that cost more. I believe, that crystal grows on me as the most gorgeous in the bunch, as I see it and bear it.

Download: 7 Essential Crystals: An Easy Beginner's Guide for High Vibes Babes Crystal + Energy Lovers.

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