The Wellthy Woman's Mindset

Today, Wellness, the "new black," is a status symbol among women who emphasize maintaining their well-balanced mental and physical health. Just look at the top influencers, like Oprah, Gabby Bernstein, and Emily Skye, and you'll know what I mean. We are currently experiencing a global phenomenon where health is seeping into every aspect of human life and experience. According to a 2016 article by, Kerry Krom, "the [growth] in wellness market size has brands taking notice, adopting the health creep, or consumerization of health." More awakened female consumers are leaning more towards products and services infused with health benefits that are actually well formulated, desireable, easily accessible, fun, pleasing on the palate, intriguing or integrative.

Everything about healthcare and the economy, from technology overload to anxiety is taking a beating on American women.

A recent Reiki survey shows that, on a scale of 0-5, the average stress level among women has risen from 4.5 in early 2017 to an all-time high of 5 in 2018. As a result, more females are reporting disrupted sleep, anxiety, irritability, and fatigue and turning to self-care techniques like Reiki, meditation, yoga, and healthy nutrition to alleviate the effects of stress.

High performing women want to feel some sense of certainty in the world; and the ability to take care of one another, our children, the planet and ourselves feels more purposeful and intentionally driven than ever before. Wellness advocates who acknowledge this, by curating best-in-class products and sustainable practices, has the ability to influence women and build trust by authentically connecting to the values and principles laid out by the founders.

High performing mom

For more details on our fact finds on the integration of Reiki in mainstream medicine scroll down below:

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