The Libido Season

Let’s chat a little bit about the libido SEESAW. Many loyal couples find themselves frustrated in their relationships. Not because of unfaithfulness, but for a lack of spark and desire. The most common reasons that loyal couples seek out professional assistance are: lack of libido, difficulty climaxing or performing, decline in frequency after childbirth or life changes, and mismatched sex drives. Any one of these can put a strain on a marriage or relationship.

I want you to think about the person you love. I want you to envision yourself with that person next to a seesaw. In front of that seesaw is a large container full of large round silver balls. Now, I want both you and your loved one to grab a burlap sack. That sack has a big ol’ honest word across it. That word is “Libido". 

I want you to both fill your sack with the amount of silver balls that correspond to your individual libidos. Now, go put it on the seesaw. What do you see?

If you are like many couples – one side will probably tip down and the other will probably tip up. It is more common for the man’s side to be heavier, pressing down while the woman’s side is lighter. But this is not always the case. Each relationship is unique. Regardless of who is up, and who is down, heavily mismatched sex drives can be frustrating for both partners. Many times, the person who has a lighter “Libido” burlap sack doesn’t necessarily want to have a smaller sack. Sometimes, there is just less of a need. Sometimes, medications or life’s stress is impeding on a sack that may otherwise be fuller. Sometimes they want to have more desire, but he/she just doesn’t know how to want to want it.The person with the heavier sack may feel frustration. They want to express love to the person who is their everything. They need more connection, more frequency, and more passion. They may feel torn because they want to meet these needs without causing pressure to the person on the other side of the seesaw, or without feeling constant rejection.

Many things can cause lowered libido, from medications, to blocks and trauma, addictions that desensitize the brain or spirit, everyday stress/high cortisol, hormone fluctuations, especially in drop in healthy hormone levels, and lack of intentional time spent together as a couple connecting with each other. Throughout the month, I’ll share which oils helped us get in the mindset of yearning. We’ll show you which oils will help you feel SO happy and fulfilled that you’ll be excited for more. By the time we were done with our research, we had a lot of balanced seesaws. 

The above info is taken from the book: Lucy Libido: There’s an oil for THAT. 

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