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A mind-body experience focused exclusively on the treatments and practice of Jikiden Reiki, a gentle and integrative treatment, based on the body's biofield to help harmonize and heal the mind, body, and spirit. Our healing rooms are intuitively designed to create a calm, relaxing and healing oasis.


We've teamed up with our partners for clients and students to receive Reiki treatments and Reiki Initiation in a beautiful, silent and healing environment.

Healing Touch Therapy

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Jikiden Reiki differs from Western Reiki in orientation and in practices. This gentle hands on treatment channels the body's energy to help harmonize and heal the spirit, mind and body.

 Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) is one type of complimentary therapy that can be used in conjunction with traditional medical treatment. 

The Reiki Practitioner uses several hand positions beginning at the head and through touch activates the body's own natural healing process. Studies indicate that it can reduce stress and inflammation, assist with emotional discord and improve sleep. Other studies indicate its benefits within the pain management environment. 

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Located in the heart of Virginia Beach, VA and surrounding cities.
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